ALCANNA has developed four brand pillars that will drive and inspire us in the years to come. They are the foundation of how we work with our employees, our customers, and the communities we support.

ALCANNA is a retailer of highly-regulated controlled substances and we recognize this responsibility with every transaction. For us, it’s about doing the right thing, not just complying with the regulations. We value our employees and customers and are responsible for their safety and well-being in our retail stores, offices and warehouses. ALCANNA sets the standard for others to follow.

ALCANNA’s goal is to be the leader in every business, market segment and geographic area in which we operate. We are not content with second place. For us, leadership means being the biggest and the best at what we do.

ALCANNA is proud to place a high priority on supporting our communities. Most important is our own community of ALCANNA team members. Second to that are the communities where we live and work, as we actively encourage and facilitate our team members to give back through volunteering. Corporately, a key component of our business model is to provide financial assistance and support causes that matter to us.

ALCANNA is a dynamic organization. We are inventive in our approach, and adaptable and resourceful when it comes to our businesses. We are bolstered by history and experience but never limited by them. We are confident and prepared to take calculated risks as we continually challenge conventional wisdom and past practices.